Services & Treatments

At Mantra Beauty and Skincare we bring to your mind a sense of peace, balance and tranquility!

Threading Services

Threading is an age-old method to remove hairs to give clear lines. It gives a proper shape to the eyebrows, lips and other facial spaces. We use 100% cotton threads for threading. We maintain the hygiene at Mantra Beauty and Skincare and our experts bestow their experience to give you a perfect flawless face.


Tinting/Eye Treatments

In case you want to give yourself a cooler look or want to switch things, little tinting of your eyebrows can make a huge difference. We use vegetable dye in order to enhance the colour, shape etc. You will get an instant result that can give you a perfect look.


Facials Services

Who does not want a beautiful face? Due to pigmentation and dirt, the skin used to get dull and a proper facial service at our Mantra Beauty and Skincare can give you back the original beautiful glowing face. We provide different types of facial services and depending on the needs you can select the perfect one for own.

Henna Tattoo


Henna tattoos are a semi-permanent tattoo that can give you a nice oriental look. We use 100% natural henna thus there is no chance of having an allergy. Our artists are expert in doing more than thousand different patterns so you will have a range of different designs to choose from.

Waxing Services


We are expertise in waxing service and we know the exact elements that should be applied during the waxing process. After applying essential oils to cleanse and refresh the skin for waxing. Later we also use aloe vera to make the skin soothing. We also apply antibacterial creams to remove and prevent ingrown hair. Once the process is complete you will get a perfect bodyline to flaunt on the beaches.

Spray Tan

You do not need to spend hours under the scorching sun heat to get a tan body. With the perfect spray tan service at Mantra Beauty and Skincare, you will get the beautiful bronze glow. The impermanent effect normally stays from 3-7 days and is safe for your skin too. So, do not bake yourself under the Sun but get the perfect look within minutes with spray tanning.



Our daily life is full of anxiety and stress. A good body massage can give you a feel of relaxation. We give our female clients a full body massage that helps to release the stress. You just need to book an appointment with us to get a pain free, relaxed body and soul.

Beauty Packages


We used to have different beauty packages at our Mantra Beauty and Skincare. You can select from the range of packages having different prices. Our packages are including of different services. However, you can customise your package also. We offer different bridal packages also.

Men’s Treatment


We have different treatments available for men client also. The range of different services like waxing, facials and others are available at our clinic. You can choose from the different treatments of ours.

Men’s Waxing

When it comes to showing body a hairless sculpted body is the perfect one especially for the males. However, due to body hair, a number of males cannot become shirtless in spite of having a body that can jealous other males and sweat girls. Our Men’s Waxing service for those guys who want to showcase a perfect hairless body.

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