About Us

At Mantra Beauty and Skincare we bring to your mind a sense of peace, balance and tranquility!

At Mantra Beauty and Skincare, while our therapists bestow their expert touch upon your skin, its effect resonates to the core of your being.

At Mantra, our goal is to make sure each of our valued clients feels beautiful inside and out. We strive to make every patron's visit the most relaxing, rejuvenating and remarkable one!

Get ready to indulge your senses!

Our Treatments

Treatments offered at Mantra Beauty and Skincare are exclusively customised to suit your individual purposive desires and moment of privacy coupled with renowned skincare products so as to build a certainty that each of our valued customers will benefit from the most appropriate; most preferable and most effectively recoverable treatment.

Our Products

Mantra Beauty and Skincare strives to meet the individual needs of our valued clients through ranges of specialised treatments using renown skin care products such as Payot and Luzern.


A genuine Dermo-cosmetic, payot offers a unique blend between science and nature, with proven clinical result. Using biotechnology in the Payot complexes of key active ingredients chosen for their absolute effectiveness we offer unique experiences of professional salon treatments and skincare using exceptional textures and application techniques to support all women from one generation to the next.


The next generation of Skincare using Pharmaceutical, preservative-clean and chemical free formulas. Luzern Pure Cosmeceuticals use Bio-Swiss certified organic and medical grade anti-ageing ingredients to correct specific skin conditions while optimising the natural skin systems. Excellent results with no downtime.